Multi Channel eCommerce Software Comparison

Multi Channel eCommerce Software Comparison

There are many ways to define multi channel eCommerce, but the simplest one describes this type of eCommerce as a business strategy used by retailers that want to interact with potential customers in more than one way. The fact is that there are many different channels found on the Internet used by people interested in eCommerce, but social media, comparison shopping engines and marketplaces are the most popular ones.

One of the best things about multi channel eCommerce is that it allows you to be exactly where your clients are. Of course, there are a few other benefits associated with multi channel retail like an increased number of sales for example. Now that you know how helpful and profitable this kind of eComemerce can be, let’s conduct multichannel eCommerce software comparison.

Shopify/Shopify Plus

Shopify, as well as their enterprise-level product Shopify Plus, is the most used eCommerce platform today. It’s known for many things including the great multi channel retail features. 6 out of 10 Shopify users sell on two or more channels. Shopify provides hassle-free integration with Amazon. But, this is not the only helpful multi channel feature offered by Shopify. Namely, Shopify offers accurate analytics tools for all channels. In addition, it allows users to synchronize their stores to the Google merchant center.


Next, on the list, we have PrestaShop. What’s interesting about PrestaShop is that this is an open source software solution. PrestaShop, just like Shopify, provides smooth multichannel integration with the popular Amazon Marketplace. But, you have to buy the special PrestaShop plugin in order to do this. We should also highlight the fact that you will get free customer support on phone, via live chat and via email. Users can also integrate PrestaShop with Google Shopping and eBay.


Finally, you can check BigCommerce. This well-known brand in the field of eCommerce provides multi-channel options too. Thanks to BigCommerce, you can list your products on more than one sales channel on the Internet. As a result of that, you can boost the sales. Some of the channels that are supported by BigCommerce include Shopzilla, Bizrate and PriceGrabber. Even though some of the channels supported by this eCommerce platform are not known to the wider public, the fact is that they are getting high-quality traffic. BigCommerce users can also use this platform o sell on Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping.

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